TM-C3500 GHS Printer

The perfect printers to create GHS compliant, colored labels at a lower cost than thermal or laser printing
/TM-C3500 GHS Printer
The TM-C3500 GHS printer from Epson and Paragon is an industrial-strength, on-demand powerhouse

On-demand printing

This printer has the ability to create colored, quality labels instantly, reducing waste and floor space clutter by printing your media at the moment you need them.

Versatile and adjustable

Get multiple uses out of your printer.  The TM-C3500 is adaptable to your needs, easily adjusting to accommodate media from 1.2 inches to 4.4 foot widths.

High-performance ink

High-capacity ink cartridges will allow you to print in color and on-demand, yet will ensure you don’t waste money on over-saturation or need to constantly change out cartridges.

Globally certified

Each GHS printer has the ability to create globally recognized GHS labels for chemical shipping, guaranteed fully-compliant with universal GHS mandates.

Long-term reliability

The GP-C831 is designed to be a reliable workhouse, guaranteed to last up to 1.2 million labels.

Worker-friendly functionality

Filled with user-friendly features, our printers are easy to operate so that any worker can print a label.

Protection from fines

The TM-C3500 GHS printer is compliance-tested for safe labeling.  Using the proper tools will save your company money from fines, lawsuits, and unprofitable downtime.

Available for large accounts on case-by-case basis.

The TM-C3500 GHS Printer

Epson’s on-demand TM-C3500 GHS printer incorporates affordable color printing with clear, concise labeling that meets all chemical safety regulations.  Unlike traditional printers, digital printers have larger ink tanks and require less user maintenance, leading to more productivity and hardware uptime.  Now, high-quality color labels can be produced cheaply and consistently at the moment they need to be used.  If your company works in oil and gas, refining, chemical, pharmaceutical, or other industries where caustic substances are produced, processed, distributed, or stored, you can implement mobile solutions and still remain compliant with GHS safety standards.

Boasting a similar design to the C831, the TM-C3500 GHS printer is built to perform under dirty or wet conditions. With a MTBF of 88 thousand hours and printing speeds up to 4 inches per second, even the busiest shipping and manufacturing facilities can rest easy knowing production won’t be sidelined by an unreliable printer. The compact body contains individual ink cartridges for efficient use of ink and USB/Ethernet interfaces, and the software supports all major label applications.

The C3500 is also BS5609 certified, allowing businesses to create accurate GHS compliant color labels featuring vibrant, easy-to-read codes, photographs, and safety information.  Instead of dye-based inks, the TM-C3500 GHS printer uses a superior pigment base to securely bind to media fibers, avoiding fading or smearing from chemicals, water damage, and wear-and-tear.  Even if you want to use your printer for more than just marking chemical shipments, this printer will render any product label on synthetic, matte, glossy, or plain stock.  Choose from roll-fed, fanfold, die cut, or continuous label media for a wide range of printing options.

The compact, robust design and low maintenance upkeep of this commercial printer combined with Paragon’s GHS expert support guarantees your business can achieve high-volume printing and GHS compliance without the waste of label inventory.

Best of all, every Epson printer is guaranteed GHS compliant when used with the recommended inks, labels, and software.  Improve communication, productivity, and data quality without compromising on worker safety.
See the C3500 diagram for this printer's features


Unlike dye-based inks, pigment-based inks are more durable and vibrant because they are firmly bound to the label ­fibers during the printing process.  This allows the printer to work quickly and efficiently with no smearing or streaks, printing in color and on-demand while maintaining design integrity.  Our inks have been certified-resistant to chemicals, water, fading and smudges, making the TM-C3500 GHS printer the perfect choice for creating true BS5609 approved labels, in addition to a wide variety of continuous paper and labels.

If your company works with hazardous materials, you know that your business is subject to strict safety regulations.  One of the most important safety requirements is maintaining proper labels that identify each chemical and define the dangers they could pose to employees or the environment.  With the proper inks, labels, printers, and software, you can ensure your workers will be protected.

The Colorworks® hardware line provides the perfect cost-effective tools to produce quality barcode and GHS compliant labels at a lower cost than color thermal transfer or color laser printing.  Instead of maintaining an inventory of pre-printed labels, Epson’s efficient products allow you to print only what you need, when you need it.  Don’t waste space, time, and money, or put your worker’s health on the line.  The TM-C3500 GHS printer from Epson is one of the few printers that conforms to the highest standards of safe chemical shipping certification.

Currently, Paragon Data Systems is one of the few system integrators with the experience to navigate GHS mandates.  Our hardware is guaranteed compliant.  If your company requires GHS-compliant technology, give our experts a call.

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