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Paragon and Ecom have teamed up to bring you the world’s first and currently only smartphone to meet the most stringent of hazardous environment safety tests.  Before the development of intrinsically safe tools, companies working in dangerous and rugged areas were forced to sidestep many data collection and management processes.  It just wasn’t possible to utilize traditional data capture devices without risking an explosion or combustible flame.  As a certified hazard-safe electrical product, the Smart-Ex® line eliminates high-voltage, high-current mechanisms that can cause sparks, keeping the efficient, user-friendly design of consumer smartphones on a lightning-fast global platform.  All Smart-Ex® phones are SIM-free, so you aren’t locked into a specific network, and compatible with a wide variety of preloaded and Google Play applications for maximum functionality.  The reinforced touch screen can be viewed in direct sunlight and operated using wet and dirty work gloves, so you can still be productive even in less-than-ideal conditions.  And with Push-to-talk and long-lasting standby power, your workers can keep in constant communication with their team.

We invite you to learn more about our explosion-proof phones and discover how easy it can be to implement a custom mobile solution guaranteed to be compliant with your industry’s hazard safety standards.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please fill out the form below to request more info on intrinsically safe phones and Smart-Ex® accessories.

The intrinsically safe phone from Paragon and Ecom


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