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Bright, vibrant inks to create GHS compliant, durable color labels
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Label generation software from Paragon is a great way to automatically populate GHS compliant fields

User-friendly software

Paragon’s label generation software is easy to use.  Its data fields will prompt the user for the correct information, so there’s no need for guesswork.

Safety Data Sheets

Paragon’s program doesn’t just create durable packaging, but compliant SDS too!

Beautiful branding

Your compliant packaging can also show off your brand.  Print beautiful, resilient labels that promote safe handling and advertise your product.

Damage-resistant labels

All generated labels are printed with DURABrite®, indissoluble pigments that are extremely resistant to corrosion from seawater, fading from sunlight, and damage from abrasion.

Globally certified

Our software has the ability to create globally recognized GHS labels for chemical shipping, guaranteed fully-compatible with universal GHS mandates.

More advanced options

Unlike other labeling programs, Paragon’s software generates safety data sheets and packaging labels with minimal formatting and input required.

Protection from fines

GHS compliant software will help you create BS5609-certified labels.  Using the proper tools will save your company money from fines, lawsuits, and unprofitable downtime.


Our GHS label generation software contains all the information you need to print mandated GHS labels within the correct color and size dimensions.  Using our program, your chemical products can be shipped and stored with no hassle or guesswork.

Label generation software allows a user to create and format a label design for a product.  Most software packages will also include at least a basic QR or 2-D barcode generator, so the label can be utilized within various asset tracking applications that most retail and manufacturing companies depend on.  Whether you’re looking to update inventory or promote visibility across your enterprise, a simple label generation package can save you time, money, and frustration.

When you combine our GHS label generation program with genuine Epson DURABrite® ink and GHS printers, your company can produce full-scale color labels that are BS5609 certified and meet all GHS regulations.

Paragon’s GHS software packs a double punch, populating completely compliant packaging labels and safety data sheets for raw and processed chemical shipments.  Having collected all of OSHA’s recommended standards, Paragon’s labeling software lays out your tags using our step-by-step user-friendly fields.  These fields will prompt the user to input things like the product name and will help you look up the proper answers to your product’s hazard classification.  Its database includes GHS compliant pictograms, warning information, and more, so you don’t need to spend time researching acceptable layouts or icons.  Once you’ve finished your design, simply send the information to your GHS printer and create as many BS5609-certified labels as you need.

If your company works with hazardous materials, you know that your business is subject to strict safety laws.  One of the most important shipping requirements is maintaining proper labels that identify each chemical and define the dangers they could pose to employees or the environment.  With GHS compliant label generation software, you can ensure your workers will be protected.

Best of all, Paragon’s software is guaranteed GHS compliant when used with the recommended printers, labels, and inks.  Improve communication, productivity, and data quality without compromising on worker safety.


Our labeling systems aren’t the only tool you need to be compliant.  The hardware you print with can make or break your operation.  The compact, robust design and low maintenance upkeep of Epson’s commercial printers combined with Paragon’s GHS expert support guarantees your business can achieve high-volume printing and GHS compliance without the waste of label inventory.

Epson’s MicroPiezo® inkjet line provides the perfect cost-effective tools to produce quality barcode and GHS compliant labels at a lower cost than color thermal transfer or color laser printing.  Instead of maintaining an inventory of pre-printed labels, Epson’s efficient products allow you to print only what you need, when you need it.  Don’t waste space, time, and money, or put your worker’s health on the line.  GHS compliant ink from Epson is one of the few dyes that conform to the highest standards of safe chemical shipping certification.

Currently, Paragon Data Systems is one of the few system integrators with the experience to navigate GHS mandates.  Our media is guaranteed compliant.  If your company requires GHS-compliant technology, give our experts a call.

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