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GHS labels from Paragon: guaranteed safe and compliant

Water resistant

Paragon’s BS5609 labels are comprised of a specialized poly material that is extremely resistant to corrosion from seawater, perfect for shipping across the ocean.

Fade resistant

Every BS5609 label has light-resistant properties, ideal for containers being transported across long stretches of open water in the sun.


Our labeling substrate is tear and abrasion resistant, ensuring it will hold up throughout a rough shipping process.

User-friendly generation

Paragon’s labels can be purchased alone, or alongside our user-friendly generation software which guides you in creating a compliant product tag.

Globally certified

Each GHS label is fully customizable, but will conform to global standards for chemical shipping, guaranteed fully-compatible with universal GHS mandates.

Flexible production

High or small volume labeling means that both large and small chemical companies can use and benefit from our GHS labels and overall solution.

Protection from fines

GHS labels are certified for safe chemical shipment and handling.  Using the proper tools will save your company money from fines, lawsuits, and unprofitable downtime.


Paragon’s GHS labels are guaranteed certified BS5609 media for excellent chemical shipping safety and compliance.  We have created a comprehensive data collection and distribution system that will allow your company to produce, store, and deliver chemical products without incurring fines or causing worker injuries.

GHS labeling laws no longer allow companies to use pre-printed diamond labels, requiring on-demand printing of chemical labels.  Our BS5609 labeling substrate is not only on-demand-ready, but IMDG compliant and resistant to fading and tearing from abrasion, seawater, or sunlight.

Combining this durable media base with genuine Epson DURABrite® ink means that your company can achieve full-scale color printing that is BS5609 certified and meets all GHS mandates.

Under the new GHS compliance mandates, chemical drums need to be properly marked with hazard warnings before they can be legally distributed.  “BS5609” is an international label standard that determines whether a specific label can be used on these chemical containers as they are being shipped overseas.  As a significant portion of international trade is carried out by water, any large chemical company or company that produces products with chemical components need to use labels that will survive oceanic conditions.  To become BS5609 certified, the material and the label adhesive must pass International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) certification tests of permanence and durability under conditions of marine exposure, such as temperature fluctuations, submersion, cuts and scrapes, and exposure to seawater, sunlight, and chemicals.  Simply put, BS5609 labels must be able to stick to its drum even if the barrel falls overboard, so that if the drum is recovered or washes up on a coastline, the information can still be read.  In this way, BS5609 labels guarantee the safety of chemical and shipping crews as well as the safety of the general public.

If your company works with hazardous materials, you know that your business is subject to strict safety regulations.  One of the most important safety requirements is maintaining proper labels that identify each chemical and define the dangers they could pose to employees or the environment.  With GHS labels from Paragon, you can ensure your workers will be protected.

Best of all, every Paragon label is guaranteed GHS compliant when used with the recommended printers, inks, and software.  Improve communication, productivity, and data quality without compromising on worker safety.


To be compliant, a GHS label must follow an approved standardized layout and appear on every chemical barrel being shipped or product being manufactured.  Combining global hazard classification methods and simple icon elements, GHS labels are used to warn workers and consumers about the effects of each chemical.

the basic layout of a GHS compliant label


  • Product identifier: simply put, this refers to the way the chemical is identified; typically the chemical name, batch number, or code number is used. The labeler may choose their preferred identifier, or can find a compatible match on their safety data sheet.
  • Signal word: a quick way to describe the risk or potential risk of handling the chemicals contained within.  The word “danger” denotes severe hazards, while “warning” denotes less severe.  One of these two words must be used.
  • Hazard statements: hazard class that describes the nature of the product’s hazards; for example, it may describe the damage the chemicals could do to specific organs or list body parts more susceptible to exposure based on the properties of the substance.
  • Precautionary statements: lists recommended measures to prevent exposure or minimize harm from accidental contact; specifically,  the label will describe methods of “prevention,” which minimizes or eliminates exposure, “response,” which describes what to do in case of spills or injury, “storage,” and “disposal.”
  • Supplier identification: the name, address, and contact information of the manufacturer or supplier, and other parties responsible for the creation or shipment of the chemicals.
  • Pictograms: simple graphic symbols approved by OSHA that convey specific information about the hazards visually.  These icons cannot replace the diamond shaped pictograms that the DOT requires for chemical barrel transport.  Transportation labels must be on the outermost part of a shipping container.


GHS pictograms show the effects of the chemicals inside

Confused about which pictogram your product needs?  Our user-friendly label generation software has a full library of high-resolution pictograms and will help you design the required layout.

Two sets of pictograms are required to be used in chemical production: one for labeling chemical barrels and workplace hazards, and an additional set for use during the transport and distribution of these products.  Both sets use the same symbols for the same hazards, but transport pictograms are typically more varied, with several different colored inks and a larger amount of written information.

While GHS pictograms do not have a regulated minimum size, they are expected to be proportional to the size of the label text.  Typically, this will make the GHS pictograms smaller than transport pictograms.  If your company isn’t working with professional printing software, you can download official files from OSHA.  For a broader overview of GHS labeling requirements, go to or download their label briefing sheet.


Paragon offers several different label sizes depending on the printer being used

  • 8.5 x 11 inches
  • 8.5 x 14 inches
  • 5.5 x 8.5 inches

  • 2 inch continuous roll
  • 3 inch continuous roll
  • 4 inch continuous roll

  • custom sizes


Our durable labels aren’t the only tool you need to be compliant.  The hardware you print with can make or break your operation.  There are several different types of GHS compliant printers to choose from, depending on the size of the label needed.  The compact, robust design and low maintenance upkeep of Epson’s commercial printers combined with Paragon’s GHS expert support guarantees your business can achieve high-volume printing and GHS compliance without the waste of label inventory.

Epson’s MicroPiezo® inkjet line provides the perfect cost-effective tools to produce quality barcode and GHS compliant labels at a lower cost than color thermal transfer or color laser printing.  Instead of maintaining an inventory of pre-printed labels, Epson’s efficient products allow you to print only what you need, when you need it.  Don’t waste space, time, and money, or put your worker’s health on the line.  GHS compliant ink from Epson is one of the few dyes that conform to the highest standards of safe chemical shipping certification.

Currently, Paragon Data Systems is one of the few system integrators with the experience to navigate GHS mandates.  Our media is guaranteed compliant.  If your company requires GHS-compliant technology, give our experts a call.

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