Class 1 Division 2 Smartphone

A fully-loaded class 1, division 2 smartphone Compliant With Most Hazardous Environment Safety Standards
/Class 1 Division 2 Smartphone
hazard safe mobile solution class 1 division 2 smartphone

Mobile Apps

Smart-Ex is Google Play Store certified, providing access to more than 700,000 software applications. Runs off of Android 4.4.

WiFi enabled

“Jailbroken” phones are SIM-lock free and employ Bluetooth® 4.0 as well as 4G LTE wireless connectivity. Enjoy hassle-free, crystal-clear communication with employees and off-site managers.

Rugged design

A sturdy design ensures these phones hold up to harsh conditions like freezing extreme temperatures or ice build-up. The interface can be used with gloves so workers can stay protected in dangerous or uncomfortable environments.

Globally certified

This device is safe for all but the most hazardous environments, and globally recognized and rated for class 1 div 2 use.

Intrinsically safe

Intrinsically safe phones are built to function safely in hazardous work sites. Compliant electrical devices must be designed to prevent ignition of flammable or explosive substances.

Worker-friendly functionality

Operating much like a consumer smartphone, the Smart-Ex is familiar and capable, filled with user-friendly features and apps that make a dangerous job more productive and better-managed.

Automatic updates

Just like a consumer smartphone, your device will update automatically with secure FOTA functionality.

Class 1, Div. 2, Explosion-safe smartphones

Ecom´s hazardous area smartphone rises to the demands of dangerous and rugged work environments while still delivering excellent coverage and communication amongst your team.  If your company works in oil and gas, refining, chemical, pharmaceutical, or other industries where flammable substances are produced, processed, distributed, or stored, you can implement mobile solutions and still remain compliant with hazardous safety standards. If you’d like to learn more, check out our smartphone features or speak with a Paragon rep.

The Smart-Ex® Class 1 DIV 2 is an ultra-rugged “unlocked” device that is globally certified to class 1 division 2 smartphone standards.  While class 1 division 2 smartphones are unable to be used in an environment where dangerous gasses are present in normal working conditions, they are still rated to perform safely when a leak or system failure occurs.  Communicate safely with your employees or coworkers as you record repairs or daily productivity in a high-risk area.  Its powerful battery, extremely loud speaker and noise cancellation options will ensure you get a strong signal and won’t have to repeat instructions or become frustrated with distracting background noises.  Use the specially-built shock-resistant Gorilla Glass® touch screen even in direct sunlight or with thick, dirty, or wet work gloves.  Industrial-grade accessories complete this full communications solution.

Smart-Ex® devices come preloaded with mobile applications such as Push-to-talk, Lone Worker Protection, and NFC functions, and have access to Google Play applications as well.  The Smart-Ex® is also SIM-lock free, which means that your hazard-safe phone can run off of the network connection you choose.  High-speed LTE coverage allows you to communicate even more freely across your enterprise.  Unlike more delicate consumer phones, this class 1 division 2 smartphone can operate in harsh environments with temperatures ranging from -20°C to more than 50°C on up to 1000 hours of stand-by battery life, or 40 hours of talk time.

Best of all, every Smart-Ex smartphone is guaranteed compliant for use in rating-specific hazardous areas.  Improve communication, productivity, and data quality without compromising on worker safety.
the intrinsically safe phone from Ecom has many attractive features


Typically, most electrical equipment will create small internal arcs (sparks) as they run.  Compact electric devices, such as phones, tablets, and flashlights even generate heat with prolonged use.  During everyday use, these occurrences of heat radiation and small sparks are normal and harmless, but on work sites surrounded with combustible substances, they can easily become an ignition source and a catalyst for an explosion.  When an overheated screen, faulty wiring, or a single spark can devastate a hazardous work environment, compliant product design is imperative for workplace safety.

To be intrinsically safe, an electrical device must be able to operate without outputting too much energy in these types of hazardous areas.  To limit the probability of ignition, intrinsically safe equipment such as a class 1 division 2 smartphone runs on simplified, low-current, low-voltage signal and control circuits.

The Smart-Ex® line offers a modern, mobile solution to workers in hazardous locations.  With fast communication operation and a durable design, your company no longer has to walk the line between safety compliance and efficiency.  The CLASS 1, DIV. 2 smartphone from Ecom is a mobile marvel that conforms to nearly every standard of intrinsically safe electrical device certification.

Currently, Paragon Data Systems is one of the few system integrators with the experience to work with explosion-proof class 1 division 1 products.  Our hardware is guaranteed compliant.  If your company requires intrinsically safe technology, give our experts a call.

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