Class 1 Division 1 Tablet

The world's first and only class 1, division 1 tablet compliant with hazardous environment safety standards
/Class 1 Division 1 Tablet
hazardous mobile solution class 1 division 1 tablet

Mobile Apps

Compatible with a wide variety of preloaded applications so you can track and record assets, employees, and inspections.  Runs off of Android 4.4.

WiFi enabled

Wireless capabilities allow for easy, reliable communication with off-site managers and I.T., so issues can be diagnosed and corrected quickly.

Rugged design

A sturdy design ensures these tablets hold up to harsh conditions like freezing extreme temperatures or ice build-up. The interface can be used with gloves so workers can stay protected in dangerous or uncomfortable environments.

Globally certified

The world’s first and only fully-compliant hazard-safe tablet globally recognized and rated for class 1 div 1 use.

Intrinsically safe

Intrinsically safe tablets are built to function safely in hazardous work sites. Compliant electrical devices must be designed to prevent ignition of flammable or explosive substances.

Worker-friendly functionality

Based on the excellent, intuitive design of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active, the Tab-Ex is user-friendly, lightweight, and packed with attractive features and apps that make a dangerous job more efficient and easier to manage.

Secure network

Full-fledged security features such as device encryption, VPN, MDM, and secure network connectivity using Samsung KNOX.

The world's first and only class 1, div. 1 intrinsically safe tablet

Ecom´s hazardous area tablet rises to the demands of dangerous and rugged work environments while still delivering high-performance data capture and management.  If your company works in oil and gas, refining, chemical, pharmaceutical, or other industries where flammable substances are produced, processed, distributed, or stored, you can implement mobile solutions and still remain compliant with hazardous safety standards. If you’d like to learn more, check out our tablet features or speak with a Paragon rep.

The Tab-Ex® Class 1 DIV 1 is a lightweight, compact, yet dependable device that is globally certified to class 1 division 1 tablet standards (as well as classes 2 and 3).  Track your assets throughout the manufacturing process, or perform quality-control as they make their way through a mineshaft far below the surface.  With built-in cameras and full wireless capabilities, data is easy to capture and effortless to share with other team members or off-site management.  Read product barcodes with the rear facing camera, or take pictures of work progress and safety inspections with the 1.3 MP front camera for your maintenance records.  Your class 1 division 1 tablet can do it all.

Tab-Ex® devices are preloaded with mobile applications to interact with SCADA/DCS systems, enterprise systems like SAP, and computerized design systems.  Even custom applications developed on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active are fully compatible and will run unchanged on your hazard-safe, class 1 division 1 tablet.  High-speed LTE coverage allows you to communicate across your enterprise.  Now, your I.T. department can work remotely, diagnosing and fixing issues over your secure, dedicated network enhanced with Samsung KNOX security.  Unlike more delicate consumer tablets, the Tab-Ex® can operate in harsh environments with temperatures ranging from -20°C to more than 50°C on 11 hours of battery life.

Best of all, every Tab-Ex tablet is guaranteed compliant for use in rating-specific hazardous areas.  Improve response time, work efficiency, and data quality without compromising on worker safety.
the intrinsically safe tablet from Ecom has many attractive features


Typically, most electrical equipment will create small internal arcs (sparks) as they run.  Compact electric devices, such as phones, tablets, and flashlights even generate heat with prolonged use.  During everyday use, these occurrences of heat radiation and small sparks are normal and harmless, but on work sites surrounded with combustible substances, they can easily become an ignition source and a catalyst for an explosion.  When an overheated screen, faulty wiring, or a single spark can devastate a hazardous work environment, compliant product design is imperative for workplace safety.

To be intrinsically safe, an electrical device must be able to operate without outputting too much energy in these types of hazardous areas.  To limit the probability of ignition, intrinsically safe equipment such as a class 1 division tablet runs on simplified, low-current, low-voltage signal and control circuits.

The Tab-Ex® line offers a modern, mobile solution to workers in hazardous locations.  With advanced data collection and an intuitive global platform, your company no longer has to walk the line between safety compliance and efficiency.  The CLASS 1, DIV. 1 tablet from Ecom is the world’s first and only tablet that conforms to the highest standards of intrinsically safe electrical device certification.

Currently, Paragon Data Systems is one of the few system integrators with the experience to work with explosion-proof class 1 division 1 products.  Our hardware is guaranteed compliant.  If your company requires intrinsically safe technology, give our experts a call.

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